Rajni’s work as an artist leans gently but clearly across disciplines, countries and thought structures. She is a quiet voice of change, creating and curating visually engaging performances, interventions and writings that open up spaces for conversation and meeting.

From 2005-2012 Rajni worked with a group of other artists to create and tour a trilogy of works exploring moments of cultural identity and alienation: Mr Quiver (2005-2008), Dinner with America (2007-2009), and Glorious (2009-2012). Since 2006, alongside these larger performance works, Rajni and other members of Rajni Shah Projects (RSP) have created a series of public interventions exploring ideas of gift and conversation. Initially entitled small gifts, this series culminated with two touring pieces made for public spaces: give what you can, take what you need which toured alongside Dinner with America, and Write a Letter to a Stranger which was at the core of Glorious. In 2013, RSP co-organised the symposium Beyond Glorious: the radical in engaged practices with Birkbeck College.

From 2013 to 2016, Rajni is conducting research towards a practice-based PhD at Lancaster University, working with Professor Geraldine Harris. As part of her PhD, Rajni led a series of performative dialogues with Karen Christopher, Chris Goode, and Andy smith - these were titled Experiments in Listening and were documented with three responsive films by Lisa Cazzato-Vieyra, Griffyn Gilligan, and Jonathan Kemp. In addition, Rajni worked with Mary Paterson, Susan Sheddan, and Tiffany Charrington during 2014 and 2015 on a project called Lying Fallow, which Rajni is also including in her PhD.

In 2016, Rajni Shah Projects will formally close as a company. There will be an opportunity for a new more collective organisation to take its place and continue developing its ethos. This process of change is being led director Susan Sheddan with support from the rest of the board of directors.

Mr Quiver - Image by Rajni Shah, Manuel Vason, and Lucille Acevedo-JonesMr Quiver - Image by Rajni Shah, Manuel Vason, and Lucille Acevedo-Jones
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Dinner with America - at the Bluecoat (Liverpool) 2008 - image by Manuel VasonDinner with America - at the Bluecoat (Liverpool) 2008 - image by Manuel Vason
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Glorious - image by Pari Naderi for SPILL Festival 2011Glorious - image by Pari Naderi for SPILL Festival 2011
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