(It's Going to be) Glorious! public intervention and workshop

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Public Intervention
St Nicholas Arcades, Lancaster, 23/24th September 2009

This intervention took place in an empty shop within the St Nicholas Arcades in Lancaster, a shopping centre where Rajni Shah Theatre has previously performed give what you can, take what you need. Passers-by were invited to take part on one of three levels:

-sharing a cup of tea and a biscuit with the company

-using materials provided to write a letter to a stranger which they then exchanged for a letter someone had previously written

-finding out about the company's upcoming weekend workshop (below)

Over fifty people took part in the project and exchanged letters with strangers; several people signed up for the weekend workshop.


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(It's Going to be) Glorious! workshop
The Gregson Centre, Lancaster, 26/27th September 2009

As part of the development process for Glorious, Rajni Shah Theatre led a two-day open workshop in Lancaster in September 2009. Each participant created a short performance based on autobiographical material. The workshop was facilitated by Lucille Acevedo-Jones, Sheila Ghelani and Rajni Shah.


"On a personal level, it has endowed in me a new level of confidence and self-reliance...To be able to share and open up myself publicly in such a way that, about 2 years ago, I never would've possibly anticipated myself doing that ever. Also, it has made me attentive to what people are saying, how they are saying it..."

"Thank you for a fabulous weekend in Lancaster. You created a fabulous space and energy that enabled me to learn from others and stimulate my mind."

quotes from feedback letters sent by workshop participants


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