'Song' was a performance at Independent Dance's What Remains festival in London in 2016, performed by Collin Clay-Chase, Emma Frankland, Kazuko Hohki, Omikemi, and Sheila Ghelani.

Wishful Wednesdays - talk

Rajni has been making performance work in public spaces and theatres since 1999. Her work has always made a stand for the quiet, the uncertain, and the reflective. In this talk, she explores what it means to close a chapter, to widen one's gaze, and to move into the open space ahead.

7.30pm | £5

Chelsea Theatre, London

Glorious in Lancaster

Following performances in Nottingham, London, Newcastle and Mons (Belgium), Rajni Shah Projects will make Lancaster their home this autumn, meeting people on the streets and inviting them to create and perform their own monologues for this version of Glorious.


Rajni performed as part of SPIELART's Woodstock of Political Thinking event in Munich, with a short piece entitled Hope.
Woodstock of Political Thinking
was a marathon of 36 international artists, philosophers, scientists and art programmers (Nov 20-22, 2009 from noon to midnight).