We are capable of so much more: experiments in listening (Lancaster)


'Experiments in Listening' is one of a series of residencies that Rajni is initiating with friends who are also performance-makers. Each residency begins with the space between two people, a space that they might call 'friendship'. It asks what happens when friendship isn't held by niceness but by honesty, when a conversation is not just about talking, and when it lasts all week.

Rajni Shah and Andy Smith will spend a week together having a conversation about the things they care about. At the end of the week they will open up this conversation to the public as a short performance. You are very welcome to join them.

This event forms part of a practice as research PhD project Rajni Shah is currently undertaking at Lancaster University.

Public sharing: 7pm, Friday 13th March 2015
Jack Hylton Room, Lancaster University
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