Glorious - show credits

From 2009 to 2012, Rajni Shah and collaborators created and toured Glorious - a haunting and unusual new musical. Each time Glorious was performed, we worked with a new set of musicians and local residents - dismantling, reinventing and re-assembling the raw material of the show over a few weeks. The show was centered around people, what it means to live in a place, and what it means to gather together in a theatre.

For a complete list of project credits, please purchase the Glorious publication Dear Stranger, I love you.


Lancaster participants

Performers: Amy Dobbie, Brian Gilham, Stephen Grew, Bella Quinn, Ali Rhodes and Georgie Whittle

Musicians: Clayton Jackson, Nick Cooper (percussion); Steve Varden (kaoss pad); Matt Davies, Griffith Jones, James Wood, Graham Mapp, Chris Rhodes (guitars); Richard Zahler (bass guitar); Ben Agar (guitar, violin, piano); Rosa Hinksman (violin, harp, piano, melodica, voice); Sharon Moo (voice, piano), Niall Kelly (piano); Tom Burns (cello, piano); Emmy Roberts (viola); Hayley Lawson, Sarah Norman (flute); Nathan Stevenson (flute, clarinet); Andrew Goddard (clarinet); Jamie Quirk (alto sax); Paul Clark, Pete Hyde (tenor sax); Ben McCabe (French horn, voice); Tom Barnish (trombone); Steve Daly (trumpet, bass trombone); Suzie Shrubb (oboe, piano); Mary Austin (trumpet); Iain Campbell (voice and trumpet)

Additional music by: Darryl Shackleton, Lisa Vallente-Osbourne

British Sign Language interpreter: Janet Guest RSLI/MASLI


Mons participants

Performers: Zohra Boudari, Nicolas Diricq, Edith Desmette, Rachelle Lombart, Marine Lombart, Phil Marichal, Christiane Nys

Musicians: Jimmy Bonesso (accordion), Félice Meert (flute), Guillaume Sasserath (guitar), Anouchka Scaillet (violin)

With Christophe Canu (performer) and Sophie Grodin (public interventions assistant)

Participant costume assitance: Gaëlle Souflet


Newcastle participants

Performers: Paul Bodie, Pauline Frost, Hannah Goudie, John Paul Hewitt, Kate Taylor - with additional texts by Charlotte Bolam, Catherine Cullen and Keith Stephen Wearn

Musicians: Richard Hetherington (guitar), Stephen Oliver Jones (bass), David Marshall and Dominic Reed (percussion), Destra Orsheena Ross (voice), Mahsa Salali and Tyron Spence (keyboard)

London participants

Performers: Collin Clay Chace, Shauna Concannon, Vicky Cowell, Trixi Hartmann, Jyoti Narayan, Brian Warby

Musicians: Karina Deyanova (Violin), Nathan Gregory (Percussion), Venetia Jollands (Violin), James Leveridge (Percussion, Keyboard), Chavdar Mazgalov (Piano) , Katie Miner (Flute), Tom Murray (Voice), Lorena Paz (Voice), Kakie Taylor (Voice), Rob Wells (Keyboard)

Nottingham participants

Performers: Moira Balmer, Adam Davis, Christa Jackson, Safeeya Khan, Necia Walker, Joss
Kieran Ahern (Percussion), Ney Corte Real (Angolan instruments), Will Flynn (Electric Guitar), Kamal Joory (Electronics), Emma Maraio (Guitar), Iryna Muha (Guitar, Mouth Organ, Jews Harp)

Chisenhale Dance Space Act One participants

Performers: Alison Andrews, Tiffany Charrington, Collin Clay Chase, Jesse Meadows, Chandrika Patel, Katherina Radeva


Creative team

Lucille Acevedo-Jones, Lucy Cash, Karen Christopher, Sheila Ghelani, Mary Paterson, Ben & Max Ringham, Rajni Shah and Chahine Yavroyan

Project Director: Helena Suarez

Technical Director: Steve Wald, with Marty Langthorne, Adam Hooper, Nao Nagai, Beky Stoddart

Musical Director: Suzie Shrubb

Documentation (film): Becky Edmunds

Producer: Rajni Shah

External Evaluation: Elizabeth Lynch


Glorious was commissioned by SPILL Festival at the Barbican, London

Co-commissioned by Live at LICA (Nuffield Theatre Lancaster), Wunderbar Festival and InBetween Time Productions


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Glorious is supported by:

supported by Arts Council England's Grants for the Arts funding programme  [img_assist|nid=397|title=Paul Hamlyn Foundation logo|desc=|link=none|align=none|width=200|height=72]

Jerwood Charitable Foundation

[img_assist|nid=418|title=Royal Victoria Hall Foundation|desc=|link=none|align=none|width=61|height=50]  [img_assist|nid=419|title=PRS for Music Foundation|desc=|link=none|align=none|width=79|height=60]

and many individual supporters


Other supporters:


People ShowChisenhale Dance Space, Eldon Square shopping centre, NE1 Rangers, Diana Kaye florists25 Stratford Grove (25SG), The Settle Down CaféWooda FarmErrollyn Wallen Songclub, Dance4, Meadows Library, Whitecross St Market, Fix Coffee, Simply Flowers, Vicenzo's Coffee House