"Banality, the basic matter of our everyday lives – the breakfast parties, the arguments with our children, the shops on our streets, the political anxieties, the houses we've lived in for years, the cemeteries in which we'll end – is transformed and transcended ... Those lives we were glimpsing? They were our lives. Those parties and arguments and anxieties and houses are ours ... that is what Shah shows us, and that is the gift she offers us. Don't be frightened of life, she reminds us. It's all we have."

Maddy Costa, review

Dear Stranger, I love you

Dear Stranger, I love you: the ethics of community in Rajni Shah Projects' Glorious
Lancaster University and the Live Art Development Agency, 2013.
Comprising: two books (120 and 40 pages) and DVD (32 minutes), all housed in a card envelope. 140 × 210 × 20mm

ISBN: 978-1-86220-306-8