Rajni Shah And The Musicians Of Glorious With Phil Minton And The Feral Choir

An evening in two parts. Rajni Shah and Suzie Shrubb return to Mons three years after they staged the musical extravaganza, Glorious, with members of the local community. They will be joined by the same team of musicians they worked with in 2012, in a special reunion performance, in which they will play new compositions that they have created together on-site as part of the festival, based on the original songs they played in 2012.

With : Félice Meert (flute, voice), Jimmy Bonesso (piano, accordion, voice), Rajni Shah (voice), Suzie Shrubb (piano, oboe, voice)

The evening will continue with the legendary Phil Minton and his feral chor – created with local participants in the previous days of the festival. Renowned for his unique improvised sound, Phil Minton will create an orchestra of noise, where freedom of expression is celebrated and participants realise how powerful we are when we come together.

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