From February 1st to March 15th 2010, Rajni was resident at Wooda Farm as the recipient of the Wooda Arts Award 2010. Below are a selection of blog entries and images from her research time.

Not Knowing workshop


[img_assist|nid=270|title=Not Knowing workshop promotional collage|desc=from images by Rajni Shah, Helena Suarez and Manuel Vason with SPILL festival|link=none|align=center|width=363|height=142]


Rajni led this workshop as part of the DIY series of workshops in 2009. Please read on for a copy of the call for proposals and a link to the final report as a PDF.

Clowning days

A private research and development tool, Rajni has established a solo practice called ‘clowning days’. Like writing with the wrong hand, or standing on one’s head, these days help Rajni to uncover new areas of her performative practice and create a deeper, lighter or darker understanding of herself.


Rajni offers workshops in developing performative presence for adults, which can be booked alongside a performance or separately. Each session provides dedicated time for artists wishing to explore their own performative presence. Rajni creates a nurturing environment in which to challenge patterns and develop confidence through practical exercises and conversation.