Point and Place


Point and Place is a group of artists from across various disciples who come together regularly to talk, eat and make new works. They first met in 2002, and in 2007 they produced their first piece of work together, a limited edition collaborative bookwork, which won the Birgit Skiold Award for Excellence in Book Arts at the London Artist Book Fair 2007. They continue to produce works together at a very slow rate, prioritising connections and conversations over rapid productivity.

Artists: Julie Brixey-Williams, Camilla Brueton, Simon Kennedy, Theron U. Schmidt, Rajni Shah, Caroline Younger

“To open is to step inside. As soon as you have turned the first page of this book, you become implicated in its contents. The leaves open outwards – left to right, right to left – in a series of triptychs of image and text that overlay, interrupt and interact with each other. To open point and place is to assert yourself into its pages, to view and re-view, to find coincidences and foster connections…”

extract from essay on Point and Place by Mary Paterson

For more information on the group visit www.pointandplace.net or www.pointandplacegame.com

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image from Point and Place book of a boat seen through a circle
image from Point and Place book of bright coloured tube lighting
image from Point and Place book of a cut out aeroplane in a picture of a dome