other collaborations

One Final Act

In January 2017, Rajni Shah Projects shared its remaining company funds equally between 19 individuals, who had responded to a call for proposals. This was the final act of the company, which will formally close on March 31, 2017.


'Song' was a performance at Independent Dance's What Remains festival in London in 2016, performed by Collin Clay-Chase, Emma Frankland, Kazuko Hohki, Omikemi, and Sheila Ghelani.

Lying Fallow

Lying Fallow was a series of gatherings for 30 people exploring the notion of 'lying fallow' - curated and produced by Mary Paterson, Rajni Shah, Susan Sheddan and Tiffany Charrington.

give what you can, take what you need

give what you can, take what you need is a playful exploration of notions of community and conversation through gift exchange. 

Drawing on Rajni's research projects into gift-giving as intervention in public space, this interactive performance is designed to take place in busy communal areas.  Passers-by are greeted by a large dinner table, where various other members of the public may be seated at any time.  Newcomers are invited to take part by accepting a gift, entering into a relationship with the gathering for as long or as short a time as they choose.

give what you can, take what you need was originally commissioned by Futuresonic 2008 and the Nuffield Theatre, Lancaster, and toured in 2008-2009 alongside Dinner with America.This piece can still occasionally be booked. Please use the contact form.