One Final Act



One Final Act

In January 2017, Rajni Shah Projects shared its remaining company funds equally between 19 individuals, who had responded to a call for proposals. This was the final act of the company, which will formally close on March 31, 2017.

There were 37 people who expressed an interest in One Final Act. With the limited funds available, we were only able to offer a small amount of seed money to just over half of those who applied. We prioritised those who had a long relationship with the company and those for whom we felt a small financial boost might enable a creative leap into the unknown.

We have decided that rather than documenting the financial aspect of the project, we would rather document the incredible potential of all the people and projects who gathered around the idea and took the time to write something about how they imagined being involved. The following list therefore documents all of those people who expressed an interest in being part of the project, excluding only those who did not wish to be listed.

We hope that this list will inspire you to share resources and support one another in making and sustaining a creative field that is defined by diversity, possibility, and nurture.

- Rajni Shah and Tracey Low, [4th February, 2017]


One Final Act, in all its possibilities, was:

Amie Taylor developing a performance called ‘Home’

Collin Clay Chace & Juha creating a music video for ‘The Carcass On Your Plate’

Dora Jejey finding a mentor

Ellie Harrison creating an installation for a domestic caravan (Grief Series Part 6)

Elspeth Owen making her own coffin

French & Mottershead furthering development of an app for ‘Afterlife’

Genevieve Maxwell researching liminality and inter somatic experience

Gillie Kleiman creating ‘Recreation’

Hamish MacPherson investigating the relationship between care ethics and choreography

Ilana Mitchell & Rachael Wiseman exploring reverse fundraising initiatives

Instant Dissidence taking ‘Dancing With Strangers: From Calais to England’ to parliament

JEMAGWGA & The Charleston Rhizome Collective recording a conversation about housing

Julia Wilson developing creative spaces for orientation, listening and response

Julie Brixey-Williams, Libby Worth & Bucy McDonald editing Unfold,draw-in

Karen Christopher taking the first step in the next phase

Leo Burtin & Suzie Shrubb taking time to recognise the shifts in their practices and lives since Glorious

Lucille Acevedo-Jones collaborating on a new short film with Abi McLoughlin & Rachel Flowerday

Maddy Costa trying an idea for the first time

Martyn Duffy & Shelley Silas beginning a project about memory, illness, stigma & music

Mary Price O'Connor developing a feminist dance theatre performance practice

Michelle Outram undermining structural inequality using performance-making processes

Naomi Westerman creating a semi-verbatim play about experiences with the benefits system

Natacha Omikemi Bryan birthing a series of rituals to create performance poems

Necia Walker-Lewis making a storybook for children based on Caribbean folk tales

Nohar Lazarovich & Jonathan Rogerson developing the show ‘At One Point’

Rose Biggin & Keir Cooper taking time and space for performance training and development

Sheila Ghelani, Sue Palmer & Sally Rose developing the live talk ‘Common Salt’

Stephen Grew leading a workshop on free improvisation using the voice

Steve Varden developing a series of sculptures called ‘Does he still take SUGAR?’

Wajid Hussain exploring design and layout skills to support an all-women boxing gym in Newcastle