Feminist Killjoys Reading Group


hand holds badge with words 'feminist killjoys reading group' against greenery

Feminist Killjoys Reading Group (FKRG) is a project that Rajni began in collaboration with the Western Sydney based theatre company Urban Theatre Projects following an invitation from (then Artistic Director of UTP) Rosie Dennis. FKRG began on Darug land in Blacktown in October 2017 as a drop-in conversational group based around Sara Ahmed’s blog www.feministkilljoys.com. Over 2018-2019 the group grew under Rajni's mentorship, with support from Sasanki Tennakoon. It is an ongoing project that Rajni is very proud to have started.

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Core members of FKRG have included: Anneka Shankar, Cynthia Florek, Ellen O’Brien, Nujhat Ahmed, Rhayne Fountain, Saba Shah, Tabitha Prado-Richardson, and Xiaoran Shi.