Rajni Shah Projects Ltd was a Company Limited by Guarantee that was dissolved on August 15th 2017.

Board of Directors when the company was dissolved

CJ Mitchell (Director, Live Art Development Agency)
Helena Suarez (freelance producer)
Mark Trezona (freelance artist and consultant)
Tracey Low (Executive Producer, Manchester International Festival)
Rajni Shah (Artistic Director / Executive Producer of the company)
Mary Paterson (writer and producer)
Susan Sheddan (Senior Learning Manager, Tate Britain and Tate Modern)

Previous core artists include:

Lucille Acevedo-Jones (costume design: hold each as we fall, The Awkward Position, Mr Quiver, Dinner with America, Glorious)
Lucy Cash (film and photography: Dinner with America, Glorious)
Steve Wald (production manager: Dinner with America, Glorious)
Suzie Shrubb (musical director: Glorious)

Rajni Shah Projects Ltd became a Company Limited by Guarantee on 9th February 2010, registered no. 07152147. For ten years prior to incorporation, Rajni Shah produced high quality, risk-taking performance work in public spaces and theatres, sometimes under the name Rajni Shah Theatre. On 15th August 2017, the company was dissolved and monies distributed to other artists - see One Final Act.