The Awkward Position


Erupting unexpectedly into beautiful, entangled dance, or into exquisite, tense stillness, The Awkward Position took a fresh look at that age-old question, what are we doing here? Except that this was no abstract philosophical inquiry: by "here", Rajni meant right here, in the theatre, with an audience, performers, a technician, and a director...

The Awkward Position was devised by Rajni, initially in collaboration with choreographer Nic Conibere and designer Emily Orley, and was performed in a double bill with The Five Andrews in 2003, and then later as part of the triple bill Still, It Matters with theatre company Rotozaza and dance artist Nikki Tomlinson (see reviews below).

Watch extracts from The Awkward Position at Toynbee Studios here

The Awkward Position - dance artist Nicola Conibere, image by Emily Orley

Performers: Nicola Conibere (original production), Sally Marie, Yvonne Naughton, Dimitris Papakyriazis
Costumes: Lucille Acevedo-Jones
Original design: Emily Orley
Original choreography: Nicola Conibere

"Beautifully subtle and horribly awkward" -audience response
"a piece of immense vision and subtle beauty" -Total Theatre

Hoxton Hall (2004)
Curtain Theatre, Toynbee Studios (2003)
Robin Howard Dance Theatre, The Place (2003)

The Awkward Position was developed with support from Arts Council England, The Place and Hoxton Hall

Supported by Arts Council England