Internal geographies: negotiating space in performance installation


This talk examines the idea of ‘internal geographies’ and compares the ritualised entering and exiting of fixed iconic figures in Rajni’s work with key rites of passage. She asks audiences to consider the merits of publicly presenting this kind of journey, and in particular examines the installation performance format in opening up new ways of seeing and hearing performance that questions cultural categories. The talk combines aural and visual extracts from Rajni’s work with live speeches, conversation and an interactive ritual.

Rajni has translated material from this talk into an essay on the making of Mr Quiver for publication as part of Critical Essays on British South Asian Theatre by Graham Ley and Sarah Dadswell.

British Asian Theatre: From Past to Present conference, Exeter (April 2008)
'History, Geography and Audience' at Performance and Reception postgraduate conference, Manchester (November 2006)