A4 Print-at-home zines (Experiments in Listening)


In June 2021, Rajni published a monograph called Experiments in Listening (click on the title for info) and has now made five accompanying zines. The zines contain slightly edited versions of preludes that open each chapter of the book. They are a friendly way to encounter some of the main ideas in the book at low cost and in larger print.

The original idea was that these zines could be posted out to anyone who wanted one. This has sadly become impossible due to closure of offices etc so we decided to offer them as a print-at-home adventure. Click on the picture of each zine or the link below it to download a print-at-home formatted PDF. See below for simple printing and folding instructions!

This page contains the A4 versions of the zines.
If you are in the United States, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Panama, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, or the Philippines then you will need to visit this page instead, to download Letter-size versions.

Printing instructions:
Print double sided, black and white.*
If possible, select 'flip on long edge' and 'no scaling' (or 'fit to paper').
Once printed, carefully fold each sheet of paper in half, then use the page numbers to help you assemble the zine in the right order.
Secure the spine with a simple stitch using a needle and thread.

*if your printer doesn't do double-sided, you will need to select 'only print odd pages' then re-insert the printed pages and select 'only print even pages' to print on the second side - you may want to do a test first to make sure you re-insert the pages the correct way! [and if your printer shows you a picture to try and help you orient the second side, you'll need to ignore it as the pages are already rotated]

If you have any trouble downloading or printing, please get in touch using the contact form on this website.
If you do not have access to a printer and would like copies of the zines, please also get in touch using the contact page.