As If Traveling Through Snow


A Winter show, As If Traveling Through Snow was an hour-long duet exploring separateness and the longing for union. The audience was seated in two sections, facing each other but in opposite corners of the gallery, separated by a row of clear plastic sheets. Each audience member had a walkman and listened to a unique soundtrack as the show began. Rajni and Jill began by performing solo on each side of the divided space. As the show evolved, the audience was brought back into the room through the instruction to remove the headphones. Later, the physical divides in the space were lost and the show ended with a pas de deux.

Performed at the Ballroom Studios, Atlanta by Jill Agin and Rajni Shah. Produced by Evelina Shmukler.

Rajni plays a trombone covered in fairy lights, still from documentation of 'As If Traveling Through Snow'
Rajni and Jill dancing, photo by Todd Carroll
Rajni and Jill rest balance around a plinth, photo by Todd Carroll