Online residency for Engaged Art Network

2008 - 2009

Having met through the Art of Engagement website (now at, Rajni and Canadian artist Caffyn Kelley together decided that they would like to initiate a simple online residency program that would allow artists and activists from different parts of the world to share experiences and conversations in a little more depth. This program is designed to allow artists with some experience and/or interest in using online technology to spend a month playing with what might be possible using the simple technology supplied.


Online residencies between June 2008 and June 2009:

Rajni Shah, a trial residency, using a blog to explore various ideas around engaged practice

Jean-Marie Mauclet and Gwylene Gallimard, who have worked for thirty years on large-scale public projects around the world

Tim Jeeves, whose work includes interventions, writings and the artistic athleticism of the Grunts for the Arts arts collective

Doran George, whose experimental dance and live art practice focuses on the physical, emotional, interpersonal, and cultural body in recovery

Glas(s) Performance, artists Jess Thorpe and Tashi Gore - UK performance artists who work with young people and communities

John Jordan, whose Paths Through Utopias takes us on a 6 month journey through Europe in search of ways of living despite capitalism

Bobby Baker, whose humorous work wickedly interrogates the intersections of intolerable cultural assumptions with everyday life



The Art of Engagement at http://islandsinstitute.ning.comThe Art of Engagement at




Blog entries from Rajni's residency, June 2008
(since this online space is now closed, please download PDFs below to read the blog posts)

1st_june_2008-_a_letter_within_a_letter_-_the_art_of_engagement_copy.pdf2.07 MB
5th_june_2008-_the_bridges_and_tiredness_-_the_art_of_engagement_copy.pdf764.3 KB
6th_june_2008-_letter_for_an_invisible_woman_-_the_art_of_engagement_copy.pdf768.65 KB
7th_june_2008-_where_we_are_allowed_to_tread_-_the_art_of_engagement_copy.pdf1.4 MB
9th_june_2008-_observations_of_a_man_on_the_street_who_says_hello_and_smiles_-_the_art_of_engagement_copy.pdf944.29 KB
11th_june_2008-_for_theron_reprise_on_being_invisible_-_the_art_of_engagement_copy.pdf1.42 MB
17th_june-_fragments_-_for_birthday_girls_-_the_art_of_engagement_copy.pdf817.32 KB
21st_june-_a_leap_into_another_culture_about_to_leave_for_fribourg_switzerland_-_the_art_of_engagement_copy.pdf859.47 KB
25th_june-_towards_destabilisation_and_welcome_-_the_art_of_engagement_copy.pdf946.98 KB
26th_june-_quick_in_a_slow_time_or_slow_in_a_quick_time_-_the_art_of_engagement_copy.pdf648.08 KB
27th_june-_what_remains_-_the_art_of_engagement_copy.pdf2.08 MB
30th_june_2008-_the_end_-_the_art_of_engagement_copy.pdf1.26 MB