Perspectives: Shifting Ground


Perspectives: Shifting Ground brought together artists and audiences from the dance and live art scenes for a packed programme of live performance, film, installation, documentation and debate throughout Chisenhale Dance Space. Each performance or presentation was designed to question definitions and explore the fluid boundary between artforms. All artists had previously presented work at Chisenhale, and were asked to respond to the following initial questions:

How do you define your work?
When does work stop being Dance and become Live Art?
Who makes the categories and do they matter?
Why is an examination of liveness important in your work?

Contributing Artists:

Matt Davis // Doran George // Tim Jeeves // Jessica Lerner // Jane Munro // Theron U. Schmidt // The 5 Andrews // Claudia Kappenberg // Christine de Leon // Fabrizio Manco // Simon Whitehead

Curated by Rachel Gomme, Rainer Knupp, Carolyn Roy, Rajni Shah and Angela Woodhouse (CDS Artist Associates)


Perspectives: Shifting Ground postcard design - image by Doran George and Gill Addison
curated as part of the Chisenhale Dance Space season 2006