What's Missing: eating, talking, sharing challenge


What’s missing – eating, talking, sharing challenge: regaining autonomy in performance training

This workshop was developed out of a desire for community, challenge and peer to peer support specifically amongst mid career solo and independent performance artists. Its aims were to facilitate training for a small group of artists who might come together and create spaces within which to explore different questions around working with the body in performance. The process began with a private blog for four artists - a virtual space in which to share thoughts, questions, images and experiences. After six months of blogging, three of the artists came together in London and each led a day's workshop concluding in a dinner.

Rajni worked with artists Sheila Ghelani, Sally Marie and Kira O'Reilly for this project.

To read the DIY4 report, including extracts from the private blog for this project, and for more information about the DIY artist training scheme, please click here.