Field: A proper afternoon


Field is a live art project which looks at space and spaces. It is a controvertible space: one that refuses to prioritise interpretation before experience. To ask “What is it? Is it this or that”, is pointless. The answer could always be yes or no, so it is always nothing. Field does not exclude the possibility of other times and other places. It is a story with no plot, no resolution. There is no clarified gameplan or artefact, and has no distinct ideas to validate it.

- Matt Davis

Rajni co-curated 'A Proper Afternoon' with Matt Davis as part of Field at Chisenhale Dance Space in 2005, working with artists Britt Hatzius, Davina Silver, Ollie Bown, and Silvia Mercuriali. The event was a spontaneous collaboration involving various levels of music and performance installation using natural light change as a backdrop.

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Field: A proper afternoon - stills from live event video by Matt Davis


a Chisenhale Dance Space Artists' Programme event